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At the cutting edge of the wellness revolution, health and wellness coaching is recognized as an integral component to create and sustain health. Imani Life Coaching is among the providers assisting many men and women between the ages of 21 to 60 years old with the standards for achieving better mental and physical wellbeing.

Health and Wellness Coaching is a skill-set that empowers people to tap into their own inner source of motivation to restore and preserve health and wellbeing. Our Health and Wellness Coaches will help you learn the best practices to:

  • Inspire Positive Change

  • Promote Readiness to Make Changes

  • Help Clarify Personal Health and Wellness (Go)als

  • Guide in Health Maintenance Activities

  • Manage Progress and Accountability to Achieve (Go)als

Think about it, most (die)ts take weight off and at the same time return the weight back on and more! It is not the diet. It is the need to transform the inner-person. As Health and Wellness Coaches we've helped manywith losing those stubborn pounds to return people back into those skinny jeans without starving. Do you know anybody whose desires to drop at least 10 pounds?

Imani Wellness and Health coaching transform our clients into their "fabulous you?" We are proven to help women or men of all ages (21 to 50) to feel fabulous, sexy, and younger. We do this without surgeries, crazy diets or tons of supplements. Do you know any women over 50 who are ready to look and feel fabulous?

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