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Common Information on Numerology: Numbers and Letters


A Numerologist is a specialized-medium who connects to and decodes the energy from numbers and letters. A Numerologist interprets how those (A,B,C's,1,2,3's) symbols assigned to your person affects your life. Numerology discerns your “Cosmic Code” from the information found in your Name given at birth and on your birthday.

Your name and date of birth contains your personal blueprint for this lifetime and numerology is the key to that blueprint. Numerology gives you an opportunity to be more aware of yourself, the talents you have, and the pathway you chose to use those abilities. Numerology brings you clarity about your life and your reason for being, and also identifies your challenges and lessons to be learned along the journey of your lifetime.

Basic Reading:

Provides your earth contract: (destiny), core numbers revealing your internal and external characteristics and talents, types of career vocations. We will explore your life as it relates to your Actions, Reactions, Mother & Father other personal influences in your life. 

180 Degree Reading:

Provides (the above) and your earth contract, inner guidance number, (destiny). As well, health predispositions, financial and relationship issues. We'll pinpoint your "challenges", karmic lessons & karmic debt that play out in "negative" (only one have of positive) behavioral patterns; and be able to tap into past, present and future (10 yrs. out or more) to determine prosperity & relationship cycles, mental, health, & danger risks.                          

360 Degree Reading:

Provides the 180-degree reading, includes a deeper look into your parents, children or close friend numbers, and with this comes an ORACLE READING via question and consultation. The last two readings we would meet/talk at least 3 times for 1 to 1-1/2 hour sessions… One of the MAIN purposes of these readings is to teach you how to do your own readings... Reach One-Teach One

Oracle Readings:

Provides information about optimizing your success in your relationships, marriage, finances, education, career, spiritual quest, parenting, and more. This reading can be done separately. Just have a clear and specific question that you want to know or receive guidance toward.

Group, Family, Employee-Assistance Coaching:

Here we provide mutual support-group meetings at your home, work or community centers or colleges. Here the appplication is to create desires to love and be loved unconditionally. Many of us are now ready and eager to reconnect to our true selves. The purpose of the mutual-support group is to provide a safe and nurturing environment in which participants practice Giving and Receiving unconditional love and support. The 7-Week session will reconnect feelings to reclaim our Power and Oneness. We will explore Universal Principle and Laws, which is the source of our power. The Universe exists by virtue of Laws which form its framework and hold it together. Knowing Principles and basic Laws, will help you learn how to transcend and fundamentally change the circumstances of your life so that you can consciously create your purpose for being... The Enjoyment of Life.                                           


Presentations and Workshops:

1. Y{our} Earth Contract or (Destin)y in Life: (Know Your Life)

2. The Numbers That Reveal Your Internal and External Characteristics and Talents

3. Allow me to reintroduce myself: A Reintroduction to Your Parents

4. The Karmic Lessons & Karmic Debt You Will Pay This Lifetime

5. Past, Present and Future Y{our} Cycle influences as it relates to Prosperity, Physical and Mental Health & Love

6. The Law(s) of At*tract*ion: Gaining Momentum wHERE yoU aRe.

7. Discover The Laws of God Through the Spelling of Your Name and Birthdate; AND

8. “The Principles of Truth Are Seven, The Kybalion”: General Discussion to Seven Sessions Addressing the Following: (9 – 15)

9. MENTALISM: “Everything you perceive is a witness to the thought system you want to true.”

10. CORRESPONDENCE: “The Universe mirrors the models and beliefs structures that exists within our imagination: holographic projections called perceptions”

11. VIBRATION: “Things begin to manifest around you that match the thoughts you have been holding”

12. POLARITY: “There are two types of people in the world: those who divide people into two types, and those who don’t”

13. RHYTHM: “Perception controls behavior”; “The way towards freedom from a situation often lies in acceptance of the situation”

14. CAUSE & EFFECT: “We are symbols because anything that appears to take on form is symbolic”

15. GENDER: “All multiplication happens by division of the wholeness..All center is one”


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